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By Brian Hews

As the race for ABCUSD Trustee Area three heats up, candidates are required to file campaign disclosure statements during their respective campaigns, the latest documents filed September 23.

HMG-CN obtained the Sept. 23 statements from the Norwalk Registrar Recorders Office this past week.

Candidate Ernie Nishii has received over $11,000 in contributions, with Nishii loaning himself $6,000.

Out of the remaining $5,000, $2,000 came from Jinhaeng Waterway located in Cerritos and Kristin Okimoto, who lives up north in Cupertino, California.

Incumbent Lynda Johnson, who had zero contributions for the first reporting period, reported just over $7,000 in donations.

Cerritos Councilman Naresh Solanki, a Republican, gave Johnson, a Democrat, $1,000.

An eye-opening $3,000 was paid to her campaign consultant Al Gafford, who has been seen lately at ABCUSD Board meetings.





Gafford also helped with Board Member Sophia Tse’s re-election campaign.

Sources are telling HMG-CN that Gafford has been lobbying for a Public Information Officer position at ABCUSD, which would put Johnson in an awkward position should she win re-election.

Armin Reyes took in over $11,000, loaning himself almost $9,000.

The former 16-year ABCUSD Trustee  is now a Lieutenant Colonel withe the National Guard.

Finally candidate Danny Fierro, who topped all candidates taking in $30,000 prior to this period, reported taking in just a little over $1,000.

Fierro took in an impressive $15,000 for the first reporting from individual donors, loaning himself $15,000.

The campaigns for Area 3 and Area 6 are entering a critical stage as vote by mail ballots will be sent out this week.

No reports were obtained for Area 6; sources are telling HMG-CN that the race looks to be a lock for candidate Olga Rios over Louise Dodsen who has very little money to run her campaign.