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Commerce, CA – After months of informative workshops and in-depth discussions, the Central Basin Board of Directors voted today to support the California (CA) WaterFix. The vote by the Board is a monumental step in securing the future of water reliability for the region and for the state.

The CA WaterFix is a project that aims at improving the infrastructure that brings imported water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to Southern California.  Central Basin provides water from the Delta to communities in Southeast Los Angeles County.

Discussions on improving the infrastructure in Northern California have been taking place for nearly one decade.

“Today is a historic and significant day for water reliability,” said Central Basin Board President Robert Apodaca. “The California WaterFix will ensure that even in the event of a natural disaster, we have access to drinking water.”

One of the risks the Delta faces is earthquake activity.

“If we had a seismic disaster, we would have to wait for a wet winter,” said Principal Water Resources Specialist Kevin Wattier. “It could take months, even years, for the salinity to be removed from the water supply.”

The CA WaterFix will:

  • Ensure that if a major earthquake or levee fails, the water is still safely transported to the 25 million people, farms and businesses that depend on this water
  • Support replenishing groundwater basins. While groundwater is one of the major sources of water for Southern California, we need imported water to replenish those sources
  • Help us prepare for extended droughts. Nearly all the water that is stored for drought comes from Northern California or Colorado River

In addition, the project will include habitat restoration.

The total cost of the project for all shareholders is estimated to be $17 billion.

“The California WaterFix is the most cost-effective project in terms of water reliability,” said Water Resources Manager Tammy Hierlihy. “Other projects, such as advanced recycling or seawater desalination, are substantially more.”

The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Board Directors are scheduled to vote on the California WaterFix on October 10.  The Central Basin vote guides the District’s MWD representatives to support the project on the 10th.