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Norwalk Calls Special Meeting Aug. 3 to Award Trash Hauler Contract

The highly anticipated and controversial Norwalk trash hauling contract will be awarded at a special meeting Aug. 3 at City Hall in Norwalk.

The selection has been surrounded by calls of foul play as exclusively reported by HMG-CN.

Questions, Conflict of Interest Surround Norwalk Trash Contract Bid Process

Former Bell Gardens Councilman Mario Beltran Surfaces in Trash Hauler Contract Bidding Process



The five companies that made the cut were Republic, CR&R, CalMet, NASA, and Commercial Waste.

According to a staff report, Norwalk is currently paying $9,435,000 for the City’s trash services.

Commercial’s bid was the lowest bid at $5,239,000, $4,196,000 less than what the City is paying.

Next was CR&R at $8,481,000, $954,000 less than what the City is currently paying.

Republic was next at $8,605,000, $830,000 less than what the City is currently paying.

CalMet came in at $174,000 less and finally NASA at $102,000.

NASA’s bid was $852,000 more than the lowest reasonable bidder, CR&R.