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ABC PTA Council President LaQuisha Anderson at the National PTA Convention in Las Vegas.


By Julia Bok

LaQuisha Anderson is a mother of two and a business owner, managing a beauty salon and event planning company. She is also the ABC PTA Council President and she provides support to teachers, parents, and students daily. Anderson, who was born and raised in Compton, first became involved in the PTA when her eldest daughter was in kindergarten at Juarez Elementary. She then advanced from PTA member to Unit President to Council Vice President to Council Mentor before reaching her current position.

July 1, 2017 marked her second year as ABC PTA Council President. Anderson shared her vision for ABC PTA, “Most people think of PTA as a fundraising organization, which we are not. We are an advocacy organization. We are here to be informed on the legislation that is affecting education and to advocate for children and families across the country.”

Anderson believes it is important for the PTA to be more active on the national level where the decisions about education are being made. If the PTA can be active past the local level, parents can ensure that their children are receiving everything that they deserve.

Many people are intimidated to join the PTA because they are misinformed. Anderson said, “Parents are working and they have this idea that they have to be there all the time to be a member. I am trying to get them to understand what it means to be a part of PTA and how they can change the lives of children by being a part of PTA.” Anderson would like parents to recognize that they have the power to shape their children’s future and that the PTA exists to support them.

There are currently 25 schools in the district that have PTAs and Anderson aims to increase the number. At the moment, the ABC PTA Council is working to open PTAs at Tracy High School, Hawaiian Elementary School, and Artesia High School Children’s Center. Along with starting PTAs at more schools, the ABC PTA Council is attempting to recruit more translators to overcome language barriers with parents and distribute a survey to ask teachers how the PTA can improve.

Anderson expressed, “I just love to see kids just blossom and flourish and learn new things and know that no matter who your parents are, where you come from, what your dream is, you can achieve it and you have people in your corner that are going to motivate you and push you to make it there.”

The ABC PTA Council is holding a Leadership Training and Vendor Fair on August 25 at 4 PM at the ABC Adult School. The event will have six workshops and vendors including Blaze Pizza, Polly’s Pies, and more. The Food Drive and Grand Opening Celebration for the ABC PTA Parent Center at Hawaiian Elementary School will occur on November 16. Anderson wishes that the new Parent Center will be a safe and welcoming place for families to receive information and resources.