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Trump Allows Foreign Ownership of Airwaves: Russians Buy Washington D.C. Bluegrass Radio Station


Those who’ve become accustomed to hearing bluegrass music when they turn the dial to 105.5 FM are in for a surprise—the bandwidth now broadcasts Sputnik, a “global wire, radio and digital news service” funded by the Russian government.

“It’s radio that brings you the views that you don’t get from other stations,” says Mindia Gavasheli, the editor in chief of Sputnik U.S.

Indeed, Sputnik is surely the only media outlet in D.C. where a former Breitbart investigative reporter shares an office with a Green Party candidate for city council. Launched in 2014, it operates out of an office on K Street NW by Farragut North.

Sputnik was back in the headlines itself this past month after its White House Correspondent Andrew Feinberg quit, writing on Twitter that the outlet “isn’t happy with real journalists. They’d rather have ACTUAL propagandists operate anonymously.” Sputnik fired back in a statement, saying it was “saddened by false accusations spread by Mr. Feinberg and hope that the fruits of his rich imagination would not create more conspiracy theories around Sputnik.”

The purchase occurred because the Trump administration allowed ownership.

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