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Why You and Your Business Need a VoIP!



VOIP (or Voice over IP) is a service which allows you to make phone calls and get in touch with one another through the internet, but without any of the hassle which can be involved when using traditional telephone. Instead of talking through traditional telephony networks, your voice gets sent through to the internet to the other user and you have a much more convenient call experience – whilst also giving you great savings on your communication.

How do I pick one?

The problem is that there are so many VOIP services available on the market, and a whole host of providers trying to pedal deals, all claiming that theirs is the best. It can be really difficult an confusing trying to wade through all of the sales talk and pick one that is going to suit your needs. That is where reviews sites come in- they offer you an indepth, full lowdown on everything from pricing, usability, quality, support, features, and of course, both the pros and the cons. Doing your homework by using these sites before making a purchase is really important and should be a vital step of the purchasing process.



Business or personal?

Although VOIP can be useful for personal use, it really shines when it is incorporated into a business and its intercommunication needs. It can be cheaper, as it is channelled through to your regular internet and so won’t rack up extra charges if calling internationally. It is a great asset for companies that want to stay interconnected even though they may be internationally located, as there are no issues with connecting calls internationally. One manager in the office in New York can talk to a manager in the office in Shanghai and it wouldn’t cost any more than sending an email. That interconnectivity is great when taking into account any future business needs. When travelling, communicating with the home base isn’t a headache! It can be as easy as opening up the computer and calling up, instead of trying to find and finance a mobile phone and calls plan while abroad. This is extremely useful when setting up a new office or business, or just staying in touch to keep updated.

Our conclusion?

Any business that wants to get updates as quickly as possible benefits from using VOIP services and you should consider making the switch now. You don’t even need to use a computer – you can keep things traditional by using a VOIP-enabled telephone which is also connected to the internet. It’s great for keeping in touch with clients – as you can call normal phones even when using a broadband phone network! Overall, VOIP systems give a greater range of flexibility to a business and allow it to work in such a way that they can get the best out of their employees. Being able to communicate effectively gives that extra edge when getting work done.