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 FIGHTING CHILDREN’S CANCER -- From Maddi’s Closet was one of several non-profit organizations around the nation receiving funding from the Expect Miracles Foundation to support its fight against children’s cancer. Expect Miracles Foundation Board Member Jim Keenan (l) and Executive Director Frank Heavey presented the $10,000 check during recent ceremonies in Boston.

FIGHTING CHILDREN’S CANCER — From Maddi’s Closet was one of several non-profit organizations around the nation receiving funding from the Expect Miracles Foundation to support its fight against children’s cancer. Expect Miracles Foundation Board Member Jim Keenan (l) and Executive Director Frank Heavey presented the $10,000 check during recent ceremonies in Boston.


Staff Report

From Maddi’s Closet has been awarded $10,000 by the Expect Miracles Foundation to support its efforts to help children suffering from cancer.

The award was one of the largest grants presented recently at the 6th Annual Miracle Maker Leadership Council Funding Awards Celebration in Boston.

Miracle Maker Jim Keenan, from Citi, accepted the $10,000 award on behalf of From Maddi’s Closet, which is based in the Whittier and La Mirada area and serves children undergoing cancer treatment at Children’s Hospitals in Los Angeles and Orange County. The grant will support the charity’s Patient Special Needs Fund, which provides financial assistance for medical and related needs such as pediatric strollers and wheelchairs, pediatric canes, 4-wheeled walkers, and medical co-pays assistance, as well as medications, over-the-counter items and more. Keenan expressed the sincere appreciation of From Maddi’s Closet for the Miracle Makers’ effort to improve the lives of children fighting cancer.

“From Maddi’s Closet is honored to be among a number of organizations around the nation to have its efforts recognized by this generous award from the Expect Miracles Foundation,” says Donna Holmes, president of From Maddi’s Closet.  “The support we receive from many individuals and organizations enables us to continue making very real contributions towards relieving the pain suffered by thousands of children.”

In recent years, From Maddi’s Closet has donated more than $361,000 to help with children’s cancer research and provide emotional and financial support to thousands of patients and their families.  As a result, thousands of young patients suffering from cancer have been touched by the charity’s impressive efforts.

During the past year alone, From Maddi’s Closet has donated more than $60,000 to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and Children’s Hospital Orange County to improve the lives of children battling cancer.

Special types of wheelchairs and other assistance were provided to approximately 50 patients with specific individual needs at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Beads of Courage were distributed to 425 patients after undergoing difficult medical treatments and procedures.   Inpatient hospital visits were made to some 100 patients on each of three visits during the year.  The Junior Advisory Board of From Maddi’s Closet assisted 75 patients at the We Can Brain Tumor Camp, which is held at an off campus mountain facility.

Young patients at Children’s Hospital Orange County also received assistance through the efforts of From Maddi’s Closet volunteers and supporters.  Special needs assistance was provided to 25 patients.  Beads of Courage were presented to 115 patients.  A total of 195 children received hospital visits.  Last year marked the first time that From Maddi’s Closet and its partners distributed toys at CHOC.  Volunteers collected and delivered some 3,000 toys to ill children to brighten their holidays.

Although the number of children helped by From Maddi’s Closet is significant, the need is far greater.  The Center for Cancer & Blood Diseases at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles deals with some 1,589 newly diagnosed patients annually, and treats some 5,164 patients.   Some 1,054 patients are enrolled in 67 clinical trials.  A total of 29,113 outpatient visits are received annually in the Hematology/Oncology and Infusion Center.

In addition to helping children battling cancer today, From Maddi’s Closet also supports research efforts aimed at stopping the various forms of cancer afflicting children, which being made through the research institutions at both children’s hospitals.

From Maddi’s Closet was started more than a decade ago after Madison Leslie Holmes lost her battle with cancer at four years of age.

Maddi’s family and friends began the organization to carry on the extraordinary spirit of generosity and compassion she showed to other children fighting cancer. Maddi frequently gave her own toys and clothing to other children undergoing cancer treatment.  She even asked her family members to go and sit with other children who were more sick, frightened or lonely when they had no family members at the hospital.

Since its early days, participation in From Maddi’s Closet has grown, and the organization has broadened its efforts to support children with cancer.  The group now raises funds for pediatric cancer research. The organization also offers support to ill children and their families whose special emotional and financial needs are unmet by insurance and other assistance programs. The group provides many services – from an annual toy drive to events and activities geared for patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and CHOC.

Local youth are also involved in helping children battling cancer through From Maddi’s Closet. A Junior Advisory Board composed of middle school and high school students represents the organization at many public events, operates public awareness booths, hosts inpatient and outpatient projects, and assists at the annual We Can Family Camp for children with cancer.

From Maddi’s Closet raised more than $47,000 last November at its “Knock It Out of the Park” dinner at the Stadium Club at Dodger Stadium.  Some 150 attendees participated in the event, which was highlighted by the presentation of awards to leading individuals and organizations in the fight against children’s cancer. Individuals, businesses and organizations may support From Maddi’s Closet’s activities throughout the year. Information is available, and donations can be made online by visiting www.frommaddiscloset.org.

Expect Miracles Foundation’s Executive Director Frank Heavey applauded the “tremendous generosity and impact of the Miracle Makers, who collectively make up our major donor circles of the Miracle Maker Leadership Council – the MMLC – and lead the Foundation’s life-saving mission.”

Heavey congratulated the Miracle Makers for leading by example.  A year ago, Heavey explained, “there were 86 Miracle Makers. Today there are 119 pledging almost a quarter million dollars per year to advance the Foundation’s life-saving mission of investing in research and patient care.”

The Miracle Maker Leadership Council (MMLC), comprised of Expect Miracles Foundation’s major donors, is a select group of financial industry leaders who advance the Foundation’s mission to provide impact funding to life-saving cancer research and patient care programs. The MMLC is charged with strengthening Expect Miracles Foundation’s position as the industry’s leading advocate in the war on cancer through financial support, example and leadership.

The majority of MMLC’s donations is directed to support research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Science, while 25 percent is directed to funding awards to promising patient care programs such as From Maddi’s Closet.