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Give Your Mother a True Bauble

By Tammye McDuff


Mothers Day is just around the corner, but with the convenience of online shopping you can still find that perfect bauble for the women you wish to honor this Sunday.

Rene Susanna Olsen, a self proclaimed baublesmith began her art by creating simple wire jewelry, “The main reason I began my jewelry line was for the stones! I saw so many designers making pieces that just looked tortured! I thought I can surely place that stone in a much more appealing setting.”

Olsen started with necklaces and then gradually worked her way to rings and bracelets using simple, standard wire and beading techniques. Being inspired by Nicole Hanna Designs, Olsen started watching Hanna’s tutorials, “I devoured every article, and watched every video I could find,” states Olsen,” Nicole’s jewelry has a life force, a vibrant energy, and that inspired me.”



“When I start an original piece I usually don’t have a design in mind,” notes Olsen, “I get the basic frame and let the wire tell me what it wants to do. I pick a stone and then let the jewels decide if it will be a ‘Tree of Life’ or an ‘Eye of Protection’, the wire and the stone really do most of the work.”

Being a baublesmith, Olsen only uses the best material. She uses fused glass from the Netherlands and most of her stones come from Rio Grande, who believe that jewelry is more than fashion, it is a work of art, it is a story all its own.

“All of my pieces are one of kind, handmade heirlooms that I hope, will transcend time.” Olsen captures a story and encapsulates it in metal.

Olsen is ever creating, improving and pushing her designs forward, with wire weaving of silver and copper, “My grandmother used to have a copper bracelet she wore for her arthritis. When I was little I would run my fingers along the green line on her arm because she told me that was where the magic went in. I was always struck by that.”



Being more transparent than most artists, you can watch the progress of Olsen’s unique creations, “I will post images of my work in progress and sometimes even the ones that I feel are a failure, clients see as my emotions, I prefer to let the energy of the stone be in the forefront,” she adds.

“My customers are those who want an exclusive piece, but not at an exclusive price,” notes Olsen, “They are people who want to make a statement and that statement is usually a strong one.”

Olsen’s creations can be found on Facebook @BaubleSmith or visit her Etsey shop at www.etsy.com/shop/BaubleSmith.