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Report: Republican Healthcare Plan Will Hit Trump Voters Hard, Wealthy Get Huge Tax Break


From Los Angeles Times.

With comment from HMG-CN Publisher Brian Hews.

Americans who swept the President Trump to victory, lower income older voters in conservative rural parts of the country, stand to lose the most in federal healthcare aid under a Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Yes Trump voters you were duped and conned.

Among those hit the hardest under the current house bill are 60-year-olds with annual incomes of $30,000. In the nearly 1500 counties nationwide such a person stands to lose more than $6,000 a year in federal insurance subsidies. 90% of those counties  backed Trump.


Most affected would be Alaska, Arizona, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Oklahoma where Obamacare insurance subsidies have been crucial making high-priced insurance affordable.


Also hit hard are the swing states that swept Trump to victory, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.


Older lower income residents of some parts of rural northern California could see substantial losses as well.

Paging Kevin McCarthy, lap dog for Trump! Here is his McCarthy’s office number :(661) 327-3611, why don’t you people who voted for him and Trump call and ask why he is favor of Trumpcare.


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