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15 year-old Aliyah Moulden aced the blind auditions on The Voice.


By Tammye McDuff and Brian Hews

With a voice that is strong and refreshingly reminiscent of the great female blues singers Aliyah Moulden at the tender age of 15 truly is deserving of acing the blind auditions on The Voice.

As a singer songwriter and actor this charismatic 15 yr. old pop/soul, dance artist already knows that dreams do come true if you’re willing to work hard. Her dedication resulted in her national debut at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, featuring Disney stars.   She also had the opportunity to perform at American Idol Finalist -YouTube Sensation Todrick Hall’s show ‘Twerk du Soleil’. Her latest performances have been with platinum singer, songwriter, and actor Jessie McCartney and Beyonce Protégé Chloe X Halle. This past summer, she sang in the BET Experience at the L.A. Convention Center.

TBLine.com Charlie Mason called her voice ‘big, strong and polished’ adding, “Holy crap, this kid is amazing! … She’s got to be one of the exceptions to that rule. Not only is she the “cutest thing” Gwen Stefani’s ever seen, she’s my favorite in the contest thus far!” The YouTube video of her audition, despite baseless accusations of buying views, is now approaching one million views.

Originally from Annapolis, MD, Moulden lost her father when she was just a month old from lung cancer, ‘I suspect I inherited his musical talent,” she told HMG in an exclusive interview last week. “When I was seven years old I saw an MTV video by Rihanna, and I wanted to be just like her,” says Moulden. To the surprise of her mother, Moulden signed up on a website to audition when she was only eight year old. Soon after, she began her serious study of voice, acting and dance. “Music really helped me find myself,” she adds.



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When asked how her audition for The Voice came about she said “Actually the people from ‘The Voice’ had made a comment on one of my YouTube videos. At first I thought it was joke, but they really wanted to speak with me!”

Moulden Aliyah soulful rendition of “Hound Dog​” by​  Big Mama Thornton, first caught the attention of judge Blake Shelton, who stood in amazement of her voice, “I want you on my team,” said Shelton, “I have had a lot of success with talent on this show, and with so much energy and power in your vocal abilities and the confidence you show in this type of setting …. You will go far.” Alicia Keys added of Moulden experience, “By the end of this show you are going to blossoming in ways that you cannot even imagine, your voice is amazing.”

Moulden’s moving vocals in ‘When We Were Young’ and ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ make it clear that she wants to inspire others, “I want to use my talent in supporting causes such as anti-bullying and in fund-raising for charities like animal shelters.”

She is most certainly a rising young star on a mission. Her commanding vocals, optimistic outlook and commitment to her talent will surely take her far.

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