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Staff report

Commerce, CA – With four nominations, Central Basin is moving to the voting phase of the appointed director process. The nominee for the city purveyor group is Assistant City Manager for Downey, John Oskoui. Large water purveyors have nominated William Gedney, Vice President of Environmental Quality for Golden State Water Company. The at-large purveyor category nominees include Oskoui, Michael Gomez, Director of Walnut Park Mutual Water Company and Mark Grajeda, General Manager for Pico Water District.

Altogether, the nominees have over 100 years of experience.

Oskoui has over 30 years of experience in local government, including 20 years in municipal engineering and public works. He is also familiar with the southeast Los Angeles County through his involvement as a member of the Central Basin Water Rights panel. Oskoui is a registered civil engineer and holds a post-graduate degree in Engineering.

Gedney, who is the nominee for the large water purveyor group, has 38 years of technical water experience. In his capacity as Vice President for Environmental Quality, Gedney is responsible for ensuring that Golden State Water Company meets drinking water, environmental, health and safety regulations. Gedney holds two post-graduate degrees in Environmental Engineering and Business Administration.

Gomez has 26 years of experience on the board of directors for Walnut Park Mutual Water Company, including 19 years as vice president and 7 years as President.  He has also been a co-manager for the mutual water company for 20 years. Gomez holds two licenses by the State Water Resources Control Board for distributor operator and treatment operator.

Grajeda has 35 years of water experience. Since 2006, Grajeda has served as General Manager for Pico Water District. Prior to this, he served as General Manager for Valley County Water District, Utilities Superintendent for the City of San Jacinto and as District Manager for a private water company. Grajeda is also president of the Central Basin Water Association.

Voting ballots were mailed on January 30th and are due on February 21st. Results are scheduled to be opened on February 22nd during a Special Purveyor Workshop.