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Bellflower Crime Summary Dec. 27-Jan. 9, 2017

Over the past two weeks there have been (109) reported crimes in the City of Bellflower.

The greatest number of incidents occurred on Sundays (21) and Fridays (20).

The most common crimes were grand thefts of vehicles (33) and vehicle burglaries (23).

There were (8) robberies during this time period:

1)      Suspect stole food and walked out of the store. The victim went to stop him and was pushed out of the way. The suspect got into his vehicle and drove off out of view.

2)      Victim was standing at his car when he was approached by two suspects. One suspect brandished a gun and demanded the victim’s property, which he took from the victim’s pockets. The suspects got back into their vehicle and drove off out of view.

3)      Two suspects stole merchandise and attempted to walk out of the store when they were approached by loss prevention. When LP tried to detain them one suspect punched him and the suspects fled on foot.

4)      Victim was stopped at a light while riding his bike. The suspect ambushed the victim and started punching him, causing him to fall. The suspect took the victim’s bike and rode off.

5)      Victim was getting out of her car with money in her hand when the suspect pushed her and took the money she was holding. The suspect fled on foot and out of view.

6)      Victim was at a drive-up ATM when the suspect approached his car while brandishing a gun. The suspect told the victim not to move, but the victim decided to hit the gas and speed off before the suspect could do anything. No loss.

7)      Suspect selected clothing items, changed into the clothes in the dressing room and tried to walk out of the store in the merchandise. Loss prevention tried to detain him but the suspect pushed him out of the way. Deputies arrived quickly and were able to detain and arrest the suspect.