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New Cerritos Sheriff’s Station patrol vehicles equipped with Automatic License Plate Reader technology



The Cerritos Sheriff’s Station recently added two new Ford Explorer patrol vehicles to its fleet that feature Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) technology.

The new patrol vehicles are equipped with four roof-mounted, high-resolution, infrared digital cameras and a computer that automatically photographs, geo-tags and instantly checks the license plate number of every vehicle that passes within proximity of the ALPR cameras. Within seconds after a vehicle plate is scanned, deputies receive an electronic message advising them if the scanned license plate belongs to a stolen vehicle, a person with an outstanding warrant or other persons of interest. The scanned license plate data also can be used by detectives in an investigation to locate possible witnesses and suspects.

The vehicles are being supplied by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at the cost of less than $13 a day per vehicle, and will be deployed by existing Cerritos Sheriff’s Station personnel.

“These new ALPR-equipped patrol vehicles are an excellent crime-fighting tool to help keep our City safe,” remarked Cerritos Mayor George Ray. “The ALPR technology will assist deputies in better patrolling and protecting the community, especially at the many shopping centers in the city. These new vehicles will help to more easily identify suspected law breakers among the thousands of people who visit places such as the Los Cerritos Center every day.”