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Lakewood Resident Vanessa Plotkin Could be Among the Oakland Fire Victims

From DailyCal.org

A large structure fire at a warehouse concert in Oakland on Friday night has left at least nine dead, with dozens more reported missing — among them two UC Berkeley students.

The fire took place at 1305 31st Ave. in Oakland during a performance headlined by electronic artist Golden Donna, according to an Oakland Police Department press release. Friends of UC Berkeley students Jenny Morris and Vanessa Plotkin have reported them to be missing. UC Berkeley alumni Griffin Madden and David T. Cline have also been reported missing.

Seung Lee, a UC Berkeley alumnus and former Daily Californian online managing editor, attended the event briefly before leaving with his friends to purchase drinks at a nearby liquor store. When they returned, flames were erupting from the warehouse.

“We just saw this thick black smoke just coming out of the front windows at a very furious pace,” Lee said.

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