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There Are 868 Fewer Places to Vote in 2016 Mostly in Black and Hispanic Areas, Thanks to Supreme Court’s Ruling on Voting Rights Act



Arizona has 212 fewer polling places, Cochise county (large hispanic) cut 2/3 of the polling places.

The polling place reductions in Maricopa County were a glaring example of a disturbing trend. The Leadership Conference for Civil Rights surveyed 381 of the 800 counties previously covered by Section 5 where polling place information was available in 2012 or 2014 and found there are 868 fewer places to cast a ballot in 2016 in these areas. “Out of the 381 counties in our study, 165 of them—43 percent—have reduced voting locations,” says the important new report.

Tucson’s Pima County—the second largest in the state, which is 35 percent Latino and leans Democratic—“is the nation’s biggest closer of polling places,” from 280 in 2012 to 218 in 2016.  Read story click here.