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Former State Senator Ron Calderon Sentenced to 42 Months in Federal Prison



Former state Sen. Ron Calderon was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison Friday.

Prsecutors sought a five year prison term.

U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder said the sentence would “promote the interest of justice.”

“This is a very serious offense, invoking a breach of public trust,” Snyder said.

She also said five years was too harsh but that a long prison sentence was necessary to send a message to other elected officials that corruption will not be tolerated.

Calderon’s attorney asked that  59-year-old Calderonbe given time already served or a period of home detention.

In a plea deal in June Calderon admitted he accepted tens of thousands of dollars in bribes from undercover FBI agents and a Michael Drobot in return for official favors.

Calderon will serve 85% of the 42 months, 35.7 monhs, given time off for good behavior.

He also was fined $7,500 and given 250 hours of community service.

He will also have one year of supervised release.