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Michael Le Stark explores ‘The Deep Sky Chronicles’

Book combines subject matter, opinions from respected scientists, physicists, historians to tell story

PHILADELPHIA – Ten years ago, Michael Le Stark started making observations and writing notes in search of a larger reality and the meaning of life. Some of the conclusions he arrived at left him feeling much more at peace. He realized that his observations might help others too. It prompted him in writing “The Deep Sky Chronicles” (published by Lulu) which takes readers on a virtual camping trip with some of the most brilliant minds in physics, biology, astronomy, history and philosophy.

In this book, Le Stark combines subject matter and opinions from some of the most respected scientists, physicists and historians to tell a story. Combined with a few of his personal experiences in life, and along with some new theories, this work is woven together as an extraordinary new picture emerges. By using small, but significant amounts of information from many different areas, readers will get a better sense of how they came to be, who they are as they realize that they might not be as different as they once thought.  A few bold individuals, who, readers are already familiar with, are highlighted and how their courage and vision arrived just in time as well as how one in particular, may have changed and shaped the world even more.

“Some of the material you read here has already been covered by wise philosophers, historians, scientists and biologists,” Le Stark points out. “I do not challenge any of the seasoned and established experts on their particular subject matter, or steal their thunder or ideas, but simply piece it all together so that an average person can better understand it.”

“The Deep Sky Chronicles” hopes to provide readers with a feeling of empowerment, a more positive mind set and the ability to translate it immediately into their lives to effect change for them and those around them.

“The Deep Sky Chronicles”

By Michael Le Stark

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 126 pages | ISBN 9781483456010

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 126 pages | ISBN 9781483456003

E-Book | 126 pages | ISBN 9781483455990

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Michael Le Stark is not a scientist giving science or philosophy to the people, but rather only using it to tell a story. He is a well-traveled artist who uses his own experiences in life, a boyish enthusiasm, some imagination and humor, to beautifully describe how one might benefit from a few of his observations and insights.

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