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The Little Lion Foundation Saves Kittens for Adoption


By Sara Hao

On August 14, 2016 my family and I went to the PetSmart at the Towne Center in Cerritos to volunteer. My job as a volunteer is to give the cats at PetSmart clean water, wet food, and clean their litter boxes. The first thing that I saw when I stepped into the pet store was three rows of cat cages filled with kittens and cats of all sorts of age, color, and gender. The minute I laid my eyes on this ten week old dilute calico kitten called Myrcella I fell in love with her. I fell in love with her because she looked so cute when she was playing with this little mouse in her cage. My love for her deepened after I held her for the first time after getting permission from Jessica and Claudia. After a while we came to the decision that we would love to adopt Myrcella. It was through The Little Lion Foundation that I found Myrcella. I know that there are a lot of organizations and foundations that help rescue and find a voice for animals in need, but I can assure you that none of those organizations and foundations do it the way the Little Lion Foundation does it.

The Little Lion Foundation is a foundation that is founded by Claudia Otis. The foundation saves kittens from being killed by shelters and saves abandoned or lost scared kittens and cats. Not only does the foundation do this on a daily basis, but they also provide these poor kittens and cats with the medical care they immediately need, which can include vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchips, as well as any other medical conditions. They are also experts at bottle feeding very young kittens and they also find foster families for kittens as well as cats before they find their forever home. One last important task the foundation does is taking care of blind kittens. They take the time and effort to nurse each and everyone of these blind kittens back to health. Yes, they love the rest of their pride, but they especially focus on giving these special need kittens the voice that is deserved to be heard. Of course all of this couldn’t be done without the help of the general public. I have seen on their Facebook page the medical cost of some of these poor kittens and all I can say is that the bills are very pricey. Due to the medical costs and their short on funds, please please find the time just to donate a penny or $20 to [email protected] because “every cat deserves a roar” and because every little effort can make a big difference.