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Former South Central Gang Lord-Now Witness for the Lord-in Bellflower

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By Tammye McDuff
We have all been touched by stories of people who have turned their lives around. We have been moved by their determination to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones, perhaps even volunteering for a project to help others in dire situations. It is rare to see a person completely change the direction their life was heading, change the lifestyle of his family, bring along 200 irreverent motorcycle gang members with them. But that is exactly what Bobby ‘B-Lok’ Amezcua has done. Now known as Pastor Bobby, of the Warrior Center in Bellflower, Amezcua has witnessed many miracles around the world. His story from a South Central gang lord to a witness for the Lord has been presented at rap concerts, crusades, youth groups and missions in seven different countries. Now Pastor Bobby wants to bring his story of struggle and survival home to the city of Bellflower. HMG was introduced to the Warrior Center at one of the Bellflower Streetfests this summer. They had a booth and were passing out pamphlets for backpack donations. Front Line Warriors, otherwise known as Motorcycle Ministers, guided over 200 families through the lines at the Warrior Center on August 20th. Backpacks were filled with pens, pencils, notebooks, colors, tape, calculators, rulers and everything that a child needs to start the new school year well prepared. After each family exited through the line of blue pop up tents, they were greeted with a smile, a prayer and a plate of food. All donations from Pastor Bobby and his congregation. Front Line Warriors began 14 years ago on skid row, “Because that was the area that we knew, ” says Amezcua, “I saw a need in communities, not just preaching to people, but actually doing something that would help in their everyday lives. ” I was able to sit down and speak with Amezcua for awhile and his story brought me to tears. I won’t spoil it for you, you really need to order his book “From the Mud to the Blood”, it is one of those books that you can’t put down until it’s completely finished. After our two hour conversation, Pastor Bobby invited me to come to their monthly ‘Love N’ Grub’ the following Saturday. Once a month the Warrior Center hosts free meals for the homeless [or anyone in need] at Caruthers Park and Palm Park in the city of Bellflower. Jason and Yolanda Johnson are part of the Warrior Center. This July marked the one year anniversary of the Johnsons’ being off the street, in part through the help and guidance of Pastor Bobby. The couple wanted to give back to others in need. With the assistance of the Warrior Center, ‘Love N’ Grub’ was born. For the month of August, Love N’ Grub has fed over 500 people. From twelve noon to 2:00 pm anyone can come out, have a burger or a hot dog, talk, get assistance or just get a hug. All the food is either purchased by the Johnsons or donated by the Warrior Center. This is one of those organizations we should all be supporting. The congregation truly gives from the heart, to those that others would just pass by. To contact Pastor Bobby and the Warrior Center go to www.warriorcenterbellflower.com