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APPLICATION CORNER Innovative New Internet Connected Pet Feeder/Communicator

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By Tammye McDuff
Most of us realize that ‘there’s an app for that’ on just about everything that we do.  New pet technology is beginning to surface so that we can better care for our pets. Now there is an app to feed, water and check up on our four legged furry friends.
There are several automatic pet feeders on the market. However the easyFeed has some great applications that not only let you monitor your fur baby, but speak to them, observe their activity and examine their eating habits, all with a swipe on your phone.
This new automatic food and water dish is called easyFeed and it is manufactured by Gosh! USA.   The dish includes a wifi camera for a video chat, Amazon delivery, pet health analyzer, weight control, diet transition planning, feeding history and even places a re-order through Amazon when the dry food supply is running low.
The new easyFeed allows you to set automatic mealtimes, set your pet’s portion size and automatically refills the water tray so that your pet can always stay hydrated. When you receive your easyFeed, link to your Amazon account, select your dry food of choice and set up mealtimes.
The easyFeed camera helps you keep an eye on your pet and with the built in microphone you can give some ‘long-distance’ love through the easyFeed app.  There is even a snack dispenser that allows you to train – or spoil – your pet.  The two-way audio microphone can be used to have your pet do tricks and then tap the app to dispense a small treat.
Our lives get busy and with the new easyFeed you can manage your pets’ mealtimes. The app allows you to set an actual time and amount of food to be dispensed. You can plan your pets feeding schedule in advance and even know how much they have eaten.  The feeding dish records a meal history, gives you weekly trends and allows you to track long term eating habits.
You can also access nutrition information and set a ‘new food’ transition. We all know what it is like to try and introduce a new food, the associated app walks you through the proper measurement of old and new so that your pet doesn’t experience gastric upsets or worse, refuse to eat the new diet.
The easyFeed is lightweight, just under 15 lbs and is about 18” in height.  Food storage can hold up to 20 cups and is able to store 6 liters of water. Production begins October 2016 with a product delivery date of November 2016.  The easyFeed can be used for dogs or cats.
Gosh! Has great new gadgets for animals such as the Smart Pult, an app enable ball launcher and treat dispenser and introducing the easyPaw, the world’s first automatic paw washer and pet in-home pet spa, along with classic accessories like hedgehog enclosure, etc.  You can now bid goodbye to dirty paw prints with quick, hassle-free paw cleaning! To find out more information or to place an order go to www.getgosh.com