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Pollgasm: The New ABC News Poll Shows Trump’s Campaign in Critical Condition

By Bob Cesca from the Daily Banter.com

It’s been exactly one month since Trump clinched the Republican nomination — one month into his general election campaign against Hillary Clinton, and it’s been nothing short of a Roland Emmerich disaster movie for the clown-suited reality show stooge. The latest ABC News / Washington Post poll that dropped over the weekend is the best metric so far that Trump is totally incapable of running a competent campaign for president, much less the entire free world.

Before we dive into the ABC News poll, the mind-blowing results from another poll showed Hillary Clinton trailing the presumptive GOP nominee by eight points… in Texas. In other words, Hillary has a narrow shot to win Texas, among other red states. Georgia, for example, is a statistical dead-heataccording to a poll earlier last month. Knowing the divisiveness that’s so entrenched throughout the south, it’s difficult to see hardcore red states swinging too wildly in Hillary’s favor, but observing the Trump train wreck, anything’s possible.

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