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Wesley Health Center Opens at Fedde Middle School

LA County Supervisor Don Knabe, ABC Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu

LA County Supervisor Don Knabe, ABC Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu at the ribbon cutting for Wesley Health Center at Fedde.


By Tammye McDuff

Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe, ACB Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu, and many other local politcians gathered to celebrate the Cerritos Chamber of Commerce’s ribbon cutting at Wesley Health Center at Fedde.

Wesley Health Centers (Fedde) in Hawaiian Gardens provides health care services for the entire family. The health center is conveniently located on close proximity to La Palma, Lakewood and Cerritos. Services offered at Wesley Health Centers include: Primary Care, Pediatrics, HIV Testing and Counseling, Early Intervention Clinic, Family Planning Services, Pregnancy Test, Diabetes Care, and Enrollment Specialist on-site.

Wesley Health Centers at Fedde is part of the JWCH Institute Inc., a private non-profit health agency that was established as the Attending Staff Association of the John Wesley County Hospital in 1960. The physicians sought to establish an agency that could obtain additional funds to support and supplement patient care, education, and research. When the hospital was demolished in 1979, the agency continued its efforts to assist LA County patients.

The agency’s current mission is to improve the health and wellness of under-served segments of the population of Los Angeles County through the direct provision or coordination of health care, health education services and research. Through a variety of programs and activities, such as: medical outreach and referrals for medical care, HIV services and drug treatment; health education; psychosocial assessment and intervention; primary medical care; family planning services; and research they have been able to offer medical assistance.