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Bellflower Councilman Larsen Resigns Post Effective May 29



Scott Larsen

Move will leave council seat open until next election.

By Tammye McDuff

In a surprise statement at the Monday night Bellflower Council meeting, after the council reorganization, former Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem Scott Larsen, addressed Council and those in Chambers giving his resignation, stating,” It is time for me to retire, it has nothing to do with money, rather it is time for me to focus on family and my health.”

In the same comments, Larsen choked up a bit, apologizing for his lack of concentration, “I’m sorry if I seem a bit out of sorts.  I received a text just a few moments ago from my wife that her mother had passed away,” and with condolences from the audience he continued stating how he has enjoyed his terms in office, and will still be around town.”

Larsen continued, saying “”I want to thank the people of Bellflower for the extraordinary trust and confidence they have given me during my time on the City Council,” he added, “I also want to thank my council colleagues, past and present, for their friendship and support. Bellflower is a great community of outstanding people, civic-minded community groups, and a talented and dedicated city staff. God Bless Bellflower and God Bless the United States of America.”

Larsen’s second announcement caught everyone by surprise,” I will not be sitting my term out. My resignation date will officially be May 29, 2016.”  This leaves a vacancy on the Bellflower Council.

HMG received a phone call from College Board Member and long time Bellflower residents John Paul Drayer Tuesday afternoon with comments regarding Larsen, “Former Bellflower Mayor Scott Larsen was one of the plaintiffs who tried to illegally sue me for my freedom of speech to discuss civil rights.” Drayer also stated that he would be running for the empty seat on the Council.

The City Council is the legislative body of Bellflower’s city government, and is composed of five members who are elected at large. Council Members are elected during odd-numbered years for four-year terms on an overlapping basis; two elected at one election and three at the next. The Mayor is elected by the Council from among its membership, he serves as presiding officer at Council meetings, is the City’s chief representative in contacts with other governmental agencies and represents the City at civic, social and ceremonial functions. The Council forms City policies, authorizes contracts on behalf of the City, enacts ordinances and resolutions necessary for governing the affairs of the City, approves the annual budget, and confirms personnel appointments.