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Statement by L.A. Labor Leader Rusty Hicks on Supreme Court Taking on DACA/DAPA

Los Angeles, CA – The following statement was issued by Rusty Hicks, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to review President Barack Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration:

“On behalf of the Los Angeles Labor Movement, we welcome the Supreme Court’s decision to take on DACA/DAPA in the first term of the year, rather than keeping families waiting any longer. We have been relying on President Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration to provide a pathway that will ensure individuals who are eligible for protective status can work legally in the United States.

“In Los Angeles alone, there are nearly half a million individuals who are eligible for DACA/DAPA, many of whom are members of the labor movement. The devastating raids we are witnessing against Central Americans have instilled fear in our communities, and they have torn many families apart. We see DACA/DAPA as a critical step towards comprehensive immigration reform, and a society in which the fear of being deported is no longer a reality. We hope that the Supreme Court’s vote later this year is one that protects any individual seeking refuge, and one that ensures entitlement to fair legal proceedings.”