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Seek Alternative Routes as Pioneer Blvd. Renovation Moves Forward


By Brian Hews

Taking a drive over to Pioneer Blvd. in downtown Artesia will reveal several construction projects nearing completion related to the first phase of the Boulevard’s renovation, with only few major components left.

For a few weeks, residents and drivers have found reduced traffic lanes and have seen the sidewalks widened to invite pedestrians to Artesia’s downtown.

Decorative street lights, planters, and trees have been installed to create an inviting and pleasing experience for anyone walking down Pioneer Boulevard.

This week saw Pioneer closed, as concrete was being poured to create center medians, another safety feature for pedestrians.

These key phases of Artesia’s downtown improvements will provide long-term benefits to residents, businesses, and visitors.

Construction on occasion may call for brief closures to through traffic.

“The City continues to recommend that drivers seek alternate routes for commuting purposes.  The 605 freeway, Gridley Road, and Norwalk Blvd. are all excellent routes to consider,” said Public Works Director Chuck Burkhardt. “Brief occasional street closures are anticipated over the next few weeks as construction draws to a close.”

For more information, please call Justine Menzel at (562) 865-6262, extension 252.