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Email Threat Closes All Schools in Los Angeles Unified School District

Staff Report

An email threat officials are saying came from Frankfurt, Germany caused the shutdown of all LAUSD schools today.

The New York school district received the same email but have branded the message a hoax.

The threat was email to several school board members, officials are calling it a level 1 terror threat.

Over 600,000 children and families are affected by the closure.

The LAPD and FBI are involved.

Ex L.A. Police Chief William Bratton called the closures an overreaction by the LAUSD which is basically an independent organization not under any direct control of the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti.

Staff and principals at schools are attempting to get the kids back home who took buses in, Garcetti ordered Metro to allow LAUSD children to ride free.

Commenting on New York Commissioner Batton’s statement that it was an overreaction, Mayor Garcetti said, “We are acting in an abundance of caution we are here to help the students. It would be easy to Monday morning quarterback this but my focus is that help the students in the district.”