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14 Dead, 20 Injured in San Bernardino Shooting at Inland Regional Center, Suspects At Large

Staff Report

What we know, timeline of article-latest at bottom:

At least one shooter opened fire in San Bernardino at the Inland Regional Center, a facility that serves people with developmental disabilities.

Witnesses are saying that county employees had rented a conference room for a holiday party.

Up to 14 people were killed and up to 20 wounded, the San Bernardino police chief said. Police said there were one to three assailants, who were heavily armed and possibly wearing body armor. No one is in custody. Police are searching for a black Yukon SUV that drove away from the shooting.

All public buildings on lockdown.

State closing similar facilities.

Other local police departments have joined the search.

Investigators do not know where the assailants are as of 2:27.

Family members are waiting at the Hernandez Center for their loved ones who worked at the center. They have no idea what happened to their loved ones at this point. Over 675 people work at the facility.

The party was being held by the San Bernardino Dept. of Public Health employees.

Suspects armed with long guns not hand guns, they came all prepared and looked to be on a mission.


The workers from the facility are being taken by bus to the Hernandez Center where they are interviewing with investigators.


High speed chase of Black SUV, shots fired. One suspect down, shooting at Richardson. Three armored vehicles heading to area of shooting.

Almond and Mountain View police cordoned off area.



One law enforcement official is telling the LA Times a man left the party angry and came back with two other people to shoot everyone at the party


Police officer shot, minor injury, they have one suspect in custody, another is still at large.


Officers searching church five blocks to the south of shootout.


They have cleared the church reports are saying officers are conducting house to house search


SB County Sheriff saying shots fired at San Bernardino Ave and California Streets


Violence Policy Center Statement on Shooting in San Bernardino, California

Washington, DC — Following today’s shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, where according to authorities at least 14 have been killed and 14 injured, Violence Policy Center Executive Director Josh Sugarmann made the following statement:

“Today, yet another mass shooting has occurred, this time at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California. While the total number of those killed and injured is not yet known, it is all too clear that one more mass shooting has been added to our nation’s ongoing, horrific toll of such attacks. None of us want to live in a country where public mass shootings are routine. Yet thanks to the NRA, its financial patrons in the gun industry, and callous policymakers who block any conceivable new policy to reduce such attacks, this is the country we now live in. While we are awaiting further details on this latest tragedy, we already know this national crisis will not end until our elected officials take action.”