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DARK MONEY: Obscure Company Donated $7,500 to Hadjinian Campaign

By Brian Hews

Montebello Mayor Jack Hadjinian has raised almost $100,000 in his bid for a second term on the City Council according to documents obtained from the Montebello City Clerk.

Candidate Vanessa Delgado, who garnered donations from many of the same people and companies as Hadjinian, reported almost $60,000.

Last week, HMG-CN connected Hadjinian to a political action committee called Protect Local Jobs (“PLJ”).

Some of the most corrupt politicians and political operatives are associated with PLJ including indicted former State Senator Ron Calderon, and his brother indicted former Assemblyman Tom Calderon.

The list also includes former Bell Gardens City Councilman Mario Beltran, convicted of using Ron Calderon’s campaign money for a legal defense fund.

HMG-CN also learned that Beltran, who works for Nasa Disposal Services, is secretly running Hadjnian’s campaign.

Now, an HMG-CN investigation has found that Isponsor LLC, the company that gave the largest amount to Hadjinian at $7,500, might be a shell company used for donating money to his campaign.

Isponsor also gave $2,500 to Vanessa Delgado, who Hadjinian is endorsing.

Isponsor’s website lists its business address as 3419 Via Lido, Suite 454, located in Newport Beach, California, the same address listed on Hadjinian’s campaign documents.

HMG-CN visited the location and found it to be “Mail Boxes Lido,” a small independent postal service company, and the “Suite 454” was a small Post Office Box.



3419 Via Lido, the location of Mail Boxes Lido in Newport Beach and address number one of Isponsor LLC.


A search of the company on the Secretary of State’s website listed Isponsor as an active corporation formed in 2010, located at 9121 Atlanta Ave., Suite 100 in Huntington Beach.

HMG-CN visited that location and found it to be “AIM Mail Center,” another small independent postal service company, and the “Suite 100” was a small Post Office Box.



9121 Atlanta Ave in Huntington Beach, address number two of Isponsor, LLC.


A further search of the company yielded yet another address at 16787 Beach Blvd., Suite 480, in Huntington Beach.

HMG-CN visited that location and found it to be “Mail Center,” another small independent postal service company, and the “Suite 480” was a small Post Office Box.



Mail center located at 16787 Beach Blvd, address number three of Isponsor, LLC.



Owner of Isponsor LLC
The Secretary of State’s website lists the contact person for the corporation as Logan Frick, who is also listed as the President of Isponsor on the company website, isponsorllc.com.

A check of Frick’s “Linked In” profile shows that Frick listed himself as a “server” for the Orange County Mining Company, a medium-priced restaurant in Orange, CA., from 2009 to the present.


Screenshot 2015-11-02 17.02.35

Frick’s listing on Linked In.


HMG-CN called the restaurant and confirmed that Frick worked for the restaurant.

One Montebello resident who did not want to be identified commented, “how does a guy who does not have a physical office for his company and works as a waiter in a restaurant come up with $10,000 in campaign donations?”

Frick also listed himself as a “Managing Member”-not President-of Isponsor, LLC.

He described the company as “providing naming rights, marketing and corporate sponsorship consulting… interfacing with city governments.”

Frick goes on to say, “we are currently managing a naming rights and sponsorship package with the City of Montebello.”

Three other people are listed on the Isponsor website as key personnel: H.L. Frick, VP of Experential Marketing; Steve Scifo, VP Media Development; and Jeannine Yap, VP of Public Relations.


Screenshot 2015-11-02 21.10.00


Nothing of interest could be found under H.L. Frick.

But an internet search of Scifo and Yap produced even more evidence indicating that Isponsor could be a front company used for donating money.

Yap’s “Linked In” account does not indicate that she worked for Frick or Isponsor in the past.

Her main vocation is with Nordstrom’s in Retail Management since 2011, working mostly in Northern California. Yap now works in San Diego.

Scifo seemingly distances himself from Isponsor and has his own company called Steve Scifo Media with a website address at stevescifomedia.com.

Scifo does list Isponsor, LLC as a client, but nowhere does it indicate he is “Vice President of Media Development” as is claimed on the Isponsor website.

Further, a search on major social media platforms reveals an absence of Isponsor pages, promotions, or tweets on Facebook or Twitter.

Attempts to contact Frick were unsucessful. HMG-CN attempted to reach out to Hadjinian, asking him about his largest contributor and the obscure company, but those attempts were also unsuccessful.