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EXCLUSIVE: Santa Fe Springs House Raided by FBI and Whittier Police in Connection to Chinese Marriage/Visa Fraud Scheme



Front of house located in the Villages where

Front of house located in the Villages where Jason Shiao and Lynn Leung ran their marriage fraud ring.


By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has exclusively learned the location of the Santa Fe Springs house where the father-daughter team of Jason Shiao, 65, and Lynn Leung, 43 allegedly ran part of their illicit marriage/visa fraud ring broken up last week in Pasadena.

It was widely reported last week that the FBI raided Shiao and Leung’s office in Pasadena, but no one at that time knew where they lived in Santa Fe Springs, or whether they operated part of the scheme out of the house.

Shiao and Leung are suspected of orchestrating more than 70 fraudulent immigration applications over nearly a decade, charging upwards of $50,000 for each arranged wedding.

HMG–CN learned today that the FBI, along with Whittier Police, raided a house at 12537 Heritage Springs Dr. in Santa Fe Springs on September 9, a house located in the exclusive neighborhood called The Villages in Santa Fe Springs.

About 25 officers broke into the home and reportedly took computers, boxes, and reams of paperwork.

The normally tranquil atmosphere of the 384 homes and 150 luxury apartments located within the walls of the Villages is the last place anyone would expect such an illegal activity to be operating.

Research by HMG-CN revealed that Chao Y. Zhang owns the house on Heritage Springs Dr. that Shiao and Leung rented.

The home is a “Pines” model home and sells for more than $525,000.

Further research by HMG-CN revealed that Zhang lives in an apartment in San Marino located at 1613 Chelsea Rd. #822, immediately off of Huntington Dr.

It is unknown whether Zhang is under investigation or not.

Villages Homeowner’s Association President Ron Beilke was contacted for comment and responded that he did not personally know the occupants of the home and that he had not been aware of the raid that occurred at 5:30 am on the morning of September 9th.