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Golden State Water Upgrades Water Mains in Artesia Neighborhoods


A neighborhood in Artesia is currently undergoing a major utility upgrade as Golden State Water Company replaces old water main pipes with newer, larger pipes.

The new water mains are being installed between 183rd and 186th Street, on Seine, Devlin, Elaine, Grayland, Horst, and Ibex Streets.  The name of the project is the Seine Avenue Area Water Main Replacement Project – Phase I.

The project is expected to take 60 working days to complete all six streets.

Armando Ortiz, Superintendent for Doreck Construction, who is in charge of the project, said,“We are upgrading 50-year-old 4-inch cast iron pipes with 8-inch ductile iron pipes. This upgrade replaces the old water pipeline system with a newer one that increases the volume of water moving through the main line.”

This upgrade will help to provide constant water pressure to a residence regardless of how many people or appliances are using water at the same time, thereby avoiding problems that result when water pressure drops quickly causing fluctuations in pressure and water flow to diminish. Adequate water pressure is critical when residents are using multiple sources of water simultaneously, like showers & dishwashers.

The project also includes new fire hydrants. Increased water pressure, high volumes of water, and modern, well functioning fire hydrants are critical to fast fire suppression and the preservation of life and property.

Battalion Chief Tony Lewis of the LA County Fire Department commented, “Regarding public safety, the larger the water main, the more volume we would be able to pull from the line, thus providing more water for fire fighting purposes.”    

The City of Artesia is always looking for opportunities to help improve the quality of life of its residents. For instance, last winter, the City improved several sidewalks and installed 56 new street lights in northern Artesia.

Mayor Miguel Canales said, “I’m gratified to see these improvements going in. Although these particular improvements fall under the responsibility of Golden State Water Company, the City Council and I take a broader responsibility for advocating for quality of life improvements for all Artesians, and we regularly advocate for these types of improvements throughout our community.”

These new water mains are but one of many such projects that are in the ‘pipeline’ for Artesia residents. Golden State Water reports that this project is an important one, and they hope to upgrade the water mains in more Artesia neighborhoods during future phases of this capital improvement program.