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ABC Appoints New Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources


Susan Hixson

On Tuesday, August 11th, ABC Unified School District Board of Education approved the appointment of Dr. Susan Hixson as the new Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. Dr. Hixson has been with the ABC Unified School District for 24 years. During the past seven years, she was the Director of Human Resources in the District. Dr. Hixson has also served as the Principal of Haskell Middle School, Principal of Burbank Elementary School, Assistant Principal of Ross Middle School and Guidance Counselor at Carmenita Middle School. Dr. Hixson holds a B.A. Degree from CSU-Long Beach, M.A. Degree in School Administration from the University of LaVerne. Her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership is also from the University of LaVerne.

As the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Dr. Hixson will provide leadership in all aspects of the daily operations in the Human Resources Department.   Dr. Hixson is involved in the community by serving as a member of the Cerritos Optimist Club as well as with the Artesia Chamber of Commerce. She replaces Dr. Carol Hansen who was recently appointed as the new superintendent in Ocean View School District.