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La Palma City Council Approves Increase to Street Sweeping Parking Fines 

The La Palma City Council recently adopted a resolution, approving an increase of the civil penalty (parking fine) for the City’s street sweeping parking violation (LPMC 41-131(7)). The new fine of $45, went into effect on July 8 and will appear on all new street sweeping parking citations.

The new amount was selected because it places La Palma near the average for street sweeping fines throughout Orange County. The increased fine is also anticipated to help reduce street sweeping violations in the community; thereby increasing the effectiveness of the street sweeping program. Street sweeping improves storm water quality and the health and attractiveness of La Palma neighborhoods.

If you have a unique situation that prohibits the removal of a vehicle in the street sweeping area, please contact the Police Dispatcher at (714) 690-3370 prior to noon on the day of sweeping. Also, if you wish to pay or contest a parking citation, please visitwww.cityoflapalma.org and click on “Pay My Citation”.

An official copy of this press release may be viewed at the City’s website at: http://www.cityoflapalma.org/press.