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PIH Health Hospital – Whittier Receives NICHE Designation for Excellence in Elder Care

Whittier, Calif. (May 4, 2015) – PIH Health Hospital – Whittier has been designated as a NICHE hospital. NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders) designation recognizes a hospital’s commitment to elder care excellence.
“We are pleased to receive the NICHE designation,” said Reanna Thompson, chief operating officer and chief nursing officer at PIH Health Hospital – Whittier. “We have always been committed to providing age-specific care and this designation now places us at the forefront of geriatric care.”

Seniors account for a significant part of PIH Health’s population, which is why the organization is making safe care for elderly patients a priority. Through participation in the NICHE program, PIH Health Hospital – Whittier is able to offer evidence-based, interdisciplinary approaches that promote better outcomes, positive experiences, and improved care for older adults.

“The hospital’s dedication to drive continuous improvement processes and enhance care marks them as leaders in the field,” said Barbara Bricoli MPA, executive director of NICHE.

NICHE is the nation’s largest geriatric nursing program available.

For more information on PIH Health, please visit PIHHealth.org. For additional information on the NICHE designation, visit nicheprogram.org.