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Artesia Resident Calls Out Local Editor on Artesia 7-11 Store “Fluff” Article

Mr.  Bernstein:

I do not understand your opinion from last week on the approval of a 7-11 in Artesia. I notice that your conversations usually have to do with your “Friend from Fruitcake.”

Fruitcake does not understand.

Jerry, you were at the meetings in 2010 and in 2014, with standing room only, with residents against a new 7-11 on South Street.

Fruitcake was not.

I am glad to hear in Fruitcake they do not have criminals or drunks loitering about their neighborhood.

We do have these issues in our neighborhood, that is a fact.

Many things happen with drinking customers between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m., just watch the news or read the papers.

My wife and I sat outside the 7-11 on Artesia Blvd and Norwalk Blvd one night from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. As the hours went later and later we noticed the customer base changing.  We noticed the amount of beer purchased had also increased with each hour that went by.

We also noticed that some walking in had already been drinking, based on their driving in and out and the volume and kind of conversation.

Fruitcake is in bed by 8 p.m., he would not be seeing this.

We already have a tagging issue on Norwalk Blvd to Bingham St going north.We have gang activity in Artesia, Hawaiian Gardens, and Norwalk.

Do they have this in Fruitcake?

This corner is not good for more traffic, more traffic with drinkers behind the wheels and another corner for people to park and hang out.

The safety of our residents are more important than another 7-11.

Even if  7-11 is not asking for a liquor license today, we feel once the building is up, the liquor license would be their next push, which is a big concern of ours.

Having liquor was not the only concern with this new 7-11 store; being open 24 hours was also an issue in the city council meeting.

Jerry, you were there, check your notes please.

If your Friend from Fruitcake had walked into the meeting, it should have been a different opinion, based on what you heard at these same meeting that I attended.

Gene Ramirez

Artesia Resident