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Cerritos Weekly Crime Summary March 2 – 8, 2015

There were 16 Part I felony crimes reported in Cerritos this past reporting period, a decrease of six from the previous week. The following is a breakdown of crimes by category: two robberies; three residential burglaries; one commercial/other burglary; two vehicle burglaries; four grand thefts; and four auto thefts. Deputies made two felony arrests, 11 misdemeanor arrests, six warrant arrests, and issued 134. The Sheriff’s dispatch center also received a total of 327 calls, an increase from the 2015 weekly average of 238.




17700 block Bloomfield Ave (3/8): Suspect entered a video game store and threatened employees that he would hurt them if he was not given money. An employee gave him cash from the register at which time the suspect fled.

11000 block Hibbing St (3/9): A Los Angeles resident answered an Internet ad for a car that was for sale. He drove to an address in Cerritos he was given and observed a man in the driveway of the residence. When he advised the man in the driveway that he was interested in the vehicle being advertised two men ran from the side of the residence and one pointed a handgun at him and robbed him of a large amount of cash. All three suspects fled on foot.

Residential Burglary: 


18000 block San Gabriel Ave (attempt, 3/3): Suspect removed a kitchen window screen but did not make entry.

11200 block Carolyn Pl (3/4): Suspect forced open a rear bedroom window but nothing appeared to be disturbed in the residence, possibly because the home has a monitored burglar alarm system.

19500 block Nicholas Ave (3/8): Suspect removed a rear bathroom window screen and ransacked the master bedroom. The loss is undetermined at this time.


Commercial/Other Structure Burglary:


17300 block Edwards Rd (3/5): Suspect shattered a window on a business but nothing appeared to be stolen.


Vehicle Burglary:


12600 block Arabella St (3/4): Suspect smashed the window of a ’10 Honda Civic parked next to Heritage Park, pulled the trunk latch, and stole a purse containing cash, credit cards and the victim’s Social Security Card.

12200 block Glen Creek Rd (3/6): Suspect pried open door of a ’09 Toyota Camry and stole an iPad.


Grand Theft:


11100 block 183rd St (3/4-5): Suspect stole copper pipes from a construction site.

20200 block Bloomfield Ave (3/6): Suspect observed loading a television and stereo equipment in a shopping cart and left the Target store without attempting to pay for the items. The property was loaded into a waiting vehicle with no license plates.

11100 block 183rd St (3/6-7): Suspect stole six batteries from equipment located at a construction site.

13600 block Darvalle St (3/7): Suspect stole a package containing jewelry that the victim had left on his front porch waiting to be picked up by a postal employee.  


Grand Theft Auto:


18100 block Stowers Ave (2/28-3/1): Suspect stole a ’03 VW Jetta parked in front of victim’s residence.

13800 Rose St (3/4-5): Suspect stole a ’02 Ford Focus from driveway and vehicle recovered intact 3/9 in Norwalk.

13400 block Droxford St (3/7-8): Suspect stole a ’00 Toyota Camry from driveway and vehicle recovered 3/9 intact in Norwalk.

239 Los Cerritos Center (3/8): ’96 Honda Civic stolen from the mall parking lot.