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(Carson, CA)  Caring, Compassionate, Child-focused, Concerned and Comforting.  Is this how you “C” yourself?  If so, Children’s Bureau invites willing adults to become a resource family to children in foster care while reunifying with birth families or provide legal permanency by adoption if needed.  There are approximately 64,000 children in foster care in California.  Los Angeles County’s foster care population exceeds 21,000 children with 450 foster children waiting to be connected to a family who will adopt.

Each day, Children’s Bureau Resource Parents say:  “I protect and nurture children,” “I meet children’s developmental needs,” “I support children’s relationships with their birth families,”  “and I do all this as a member of a professional team.”  Discover if you have the willingness, ability and resources to take on the challenge! Help these children find the love, stability and support only a family can provide.

Individuals (single or married), who are interested in helping children find the love, stability and support a family can provide, please contact Children’s Bureau.  Our monthly information meeting is being held Saturday, March 14th from 10:00 a.m. – Noon at Children’s Bureau’s Carson office located at 460 East Carson Plaza Drive, Suite 122, Carson, CA 90746.  Qualifying families receive training, certification and support.  For more information, call (213) 342-0168, (800) 730-3933 or visit the website www.all4kids.org.

Children’s Bureau, established in 1904 to protect children, began providing adoption services in the 1940’s in response to the increased need of finding homes for World War II refuge children and war orphans.  Today, we help 500 at-risk children in caring foster homes and finalize over 100 adoptions each year.  For 110 years, Children’s Bureau has been a nonprofit leader in the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect.  More than 28,000 children and families are helped each year throughout Southern California with services that include school readiness, parenting classes, family resource centers, support groups, mental health counseling, foster care, foster-adoption and more.  ###