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Trinity Speakers Forum at the Cerritos Center– Faith Comes by Hearing

By Tammye McDuff

Many businesses in Southern California are striving to reach out to their employees as well as their community. Trinity Worldwide Reprographics believes in building bridges with people through community outreach, stewardship and charitable giving.

Each month Trinity plans to host a Speakers Forum at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts. Speakers come from a variety of professions from Scientists to Entertainers, but always with the outreach toward community and compassion.
This past Friday, February 20th, the special speaker was Reverend Jon Albert of Grand Canyon Ministries. Albert’s particular ministry incorporates a 187-mile trip, over 100 rapids and scenic hikes with the book of Genesis and the creation message. Albert’s commented “Canyon Ministries uses white water rafting trips and trips on the rim to help people gain or reaffirm their confidence in God by using the geology of the Grand Canyon.”

Trinity puts faith into action in order to demonstrate hope and the love of God. Team members truly desire to make a difference through compassion and commitment. Each month, a team member selects a non-profit organization to contribute to or a family to adopt in order to help meet their needs.

Paul Rosenow, CEO of Worldwide Trinity Reprographics told HMG-CN, “we aim to follow the example of Jesus Christ in the way He served His Father by caring for people and reaching out. So whether we step foot into our own offices, or meet with our customers or out in the community, we want to emulate His love and compassion.”

Rosenow established his business ethics around the three C’s: Connecting-building loving relationships with people and the community; Christian Stewardship-helping to feed, clothe and comfort those less fortunate; Charitable Giving-giving back to the community. The three C’s was the basis for Trinity Speakers Forum, creating an environment where people from all backgrounds and beliefs came together.

Trinity Worldwide Reprographics, Inc. is a printing business with Christian-based ethics and endeavors to conduct its business according to Christian-based beliefs. They have a reputation for quality printing, products and service. Trinity Printing is one of the largest independently commercial owned Xerox DocuTech printers in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area, with capabilities of producing 18 million black and white copies per month.

Trinity combined their two locations from Murrieta and Santa Fe Springs under one roof, located now in Cerritos. The Speakers Forums have been running for five years. “The drive behind this program,” Rosenow explains, “was when we offered bible study and prayer every morning for our employees, we had the meetings in English and Spanish.” In the beginning special speakers were brought in everyday. The morning devotionals became so popular, that family members, neighbors and friends began toshow up. The daily devotionals were turned into Friday Morning Speakers, for anyone who wished to come.

“I feel that I have been so blessed and I really wanted to give back,” notes Rosenow, “our goal is to operate as a cohesive team, each person no less important than the next.