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Real Time Commerce Election Results

Hews Media Group-Community News will post real time election results as they become available on candidates.

Results will be posted starting at 8:30 p.m.

9:24… no results yet.

HMG-CN would like to inform our readers that the City Clerk began opening mail-in and absentee ballots last Tuesday “in anticipation of a large voter turnout,” yet at 9:24, no results.

Two other cities, Cerritos and La Mirada reported by 8:50.

Its 9:41 and still no report from the city of Commerce


Still no vote by mail tally when the city sorted last Tuesday.
 These are poll votes below
Last results at 9:43/ Latest results at 10:22/ Latest results 11:36

 Hugo Argumedo 16/ 129/194/510

 Oralia Rebollo 47 /206/292/499

Denise Robles 36 / 127/189/440

John Diaz 32/ 140/188/360

Sonia Rodriguez 14/ 89/116/257
 John Soria 8/94/112/247