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Cerritos Extra Space Self Storage To Receive a Facelift

By Tammye McDuff


A proposal by Valli Architectural Group was made on behalf of property owners of Extra Space Self Storage to remodel the façade of the existing building located at 10815 Artesia Boulevard in Cerritos. On December 3, 2014, the Planning Commission voted 5-0 to recommend City Council approval of a precise plan amendment proposed by Valli Architectural Group.


The original site was developed in 1977 as part of a group of mini warehousing and self storage buildings. The existing two story building is comprised of decorative materials that have aged and become partially deteriorated. Building One was originally finished with light beige stucco, architectural wood trim, wood panels and a blue tile roof.


The remodel of the north and northwest elevations will be a high tech light industrial style. The dated stucco and mansard roofs will be replaced with an industrial style terra cotta material, along with corrugated metal panels, bright blue panels, green-tint-colored glazing,

black colored decorative wrought-iron fencing and decorative wall-light fixtures. The proposed improvements will provide a modern appearance to the building and add a practical functionality in order to keep maintenance as easy as possible.


The new landscaping will soften the rigid lines of the building and provide additional color to the façade. Queen palm trees will be placed at accent locations; a row of Weeping Acacia trees with a combination of Natel Plum shrubs and Bougainvillea. These plants will offer an attractive appearance while hopefully serving as a deterrent to vandalism.


The owner does not wish to include art in the remodel, in lieu of providing a piece of artwork, the owners will make a contribution to the Art in Public Places Trust.


Sandy Cisneros, Cerritos Senior Planner stated the applicants intention is to provide a new modern look to the buildings. Councilman Bruce Barrows wanted to know the lifespan of the new materials Arial Valli owner of Valli Architectural Group commented it would last up to 40 years. Valli also stated, “this space really needs a facelift and we are happy to do this, we would like to get started as soon as possible to bring you the best remodel possible.”


The motion was made to approve the redesign by Mayor Pro Tem Carol Chen; seconded by Councilmember Joseph Cho, and approval was given to proceed.