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“TBS Sucks!” Say West Coast Fans, TBS Makes LA Angel Fans Wait for ALDS



By Brian Hews

In monopolistic fashion, TBS made West Coast Angel fans wait almost thirty minutes before TBS switched over to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Kansas City Royals ALDS.

What was more insulting is that Baltimore beat Detroit 12-3, and TBS remained with the game, showing Oriole players shaking hands and walking off the field.

“This is just another example of TV having their fans by the short hairs,” said one fan.

“This sucks, TBS sucks and I will let them know about it,” said another fan.

This is the East Coast Bias in action,” said another fan. “No one on the East Coast cares about baseball on the West Coast, this just makes the point.”

TBS can FU$#$$ off as far as I am concerned,” said the fan.