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Priest Ordained at St. Peter Chanel Church in Hawaiian Gardens


Newly-ordained priest Fr. Gerry Joaquin,OMV, (center) is flanked between Vocation Director Fr. Jeremy Paulin, OMV, (left) and Auxiliary Bishop of LA Oscar Solis(right), after the ceremonies.

By Rico Dizon

Hawaiian Gardens  –  Bro. Gerardo “Gerry” Joaquin, OMV, a Filipino-American, was ordained to the priesthood last Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014 at 10 A.M. at St. Peter Chanel Church in Hawaiian Gardens. Joaquin completed his years of studies and training at the Oblates of the Virgin Mary Seminary in Boston, Massachusetts.

Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, The Most Rev. Oscar Solis, DD, was the principal celebrant of the mass. He also performed the imposition of hands and invocation of the Holy Spirit for Bro. Joaquin.

Behind the Bishop were the four priests of St. Peter Chanel led by Pastor Fr. Larry Darnell, OMV. Also present were the Provincial Rector of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary Fr. David Niegorski and Deacon Bob Miller of the Diocese of Los Angeles who acted as Master of Ceremonies.

Prior to the act of ordination, Bishop Solis asked, “Do you know him to be worthy?  Fr. David said, “After inquiry among the Christian people and upon recommendation of those responsible I testify that he has been found worthy.”

During the homily, Fr. David said that in his long years of association with the newly-ordained priest, he knows that the latter has a “good” heart. “In fact, I literally saw his heart when the doctors opened his chest to perform a bypass operation while he was still under training in the seminary.”

Mary’s Voice Choir provided the liturgical music and sung a couple of popular Filipino gospel songs to the delight of several hundreds of attendees who partook of the food served after the celebration.

The following day, Sunday, Fr. Gerry celebrated his first mass at 8:00 a.m. at St. Peter Chanel. Upon his departure, he will proceed to his place of assignment at the OMV House of Formation in Cebu, Philippines.

The following day, Sun., Sept. 21, Fr. Jerry will celebrate his first solemn mass of thanksgiving at 8:00 A.M. at the same church.