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Boutique Fundraiser to Help Leukemia Patient Myra Muro on Saturday

Members of the Muro family prepare for this Saturday’s special fundraiser in Norwalk.

Members of the Muro family prepare for this Saturday’s special fundraiser in Norwalk.

By Brian Hews

 Members of the Norwalk community will be gathering this Saturday to help raise funds for Myra Muro who is a lifelong resident who has been facing a public battle with a rare cancer for the past four years.

Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper has been reporting on Muro and her challenges with Leukemia and Lymphoma during a series of articles and reports.

The event, “Yard Sale Boutique. Stop. Shop & Donate,” will take place on Saturday, September 13, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 14355 Carmenita Road in Norwalk.

According to Rosa Muro, the mother of Myra, “The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Light the Night Walk!  Myra’s desire is to pay forward all the support & blessings she has received during the three year fight against cancer and also to bring Bone Marrow Match Awareness and how one could save a life.”

A representative from Stater Bros. Supermarkets will be at the fundraising event as they are the largest sponsors of the “Light the Night Walk,” and LLS will be providing informational

“Last week we were informed that a bone marrow match was located for Myra.  It turns out that both of my sons, Manny & Sam Muro, were a perfect match which is a rarity, and my youngest son Sam will be donating his stems cells,” Rosa Muro reported to HMG-CN this past week.

Three years ago, Myra Muro of Norwalk discovered she had Hodgkins -Lymphoma. Since her diagnosis, she has undergone several forms of treatment: chemo, naturopathic, radiation and more chemo. She went from Stage 2, to Stage 4, and now back to Stage 2.

“It’s been really tough at times but throughout my journey I have been blessed over and over again,” said Myra.

“It’s been close to two years since the City and community held various fundraisers for me. Due to the generous donations from family, friends, and people I never met, I was able to afford a year’s worth of treatment. “

In addition, at the September 2 Norwalk City Council meeting, Mayor Marcel Rodarte and the entire city council proclaimed the month of September as Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Month in honor of Myra Muro and her fundraising efforts.

Mariann Ivan, representative, LLS, was present along with Myra to receive the proclamation.  “Myra is still undergoing chemotherapy as she awaits her stem cell transplant which is scheduled for some time in October.  Next stop will be a 30-day stay at the City of Hope, we just feel very blessed,” Rosa Muro said.