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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: DUI Arrest of Simi Valley Councilman Steve Sojka Released by HMG-CN

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By Brian Hews and Randy Economy

(Simi Valley, CA) Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper has exclusively obtained the video of the arrest of Simi Valley City Councilman Steve Sojka after he was found to be driving under the influence on March 11, 2014 in the El Segundo area.

Sojka plead no contest on June 17th to the DUI charges at a Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Sojka, who is married, states on the video obtained by HMG-CN that he was staying at the Hotel Hermosa in Hermosa Beach.

The audio seems to indicate he claims he had consumed Red Bull & Vodka drinks at Baja Sharkeez in the area and then went to a local I Hop (presumably in El Segundo).

The council member then appears to tell the police officers he just “dropped off a friend” but does not know the address she lives at.

The police gave Councilman Sojka two field breath tests and in the tape released by HMG-CN on Tuesday, Councilman Sojka makes it a point to tell the officers he serves on the City Council of Simi Valley between tests.

He also makes a point to tell the examining officer that Sojka’s father served as a police chief for Simi Valley.

Friends of Sojka circulated several versions of the incident publicly including saying that was not driving but trying to sober up in his car, and that he was attempting to find a hotel to stay at.

Editor’s note: The video somehow crashed on You tube so we reloaded, at the time of the reload, the video had 413 views.



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