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Five dead, including two police officers in shooting in Las Vegas

KNX1070: 5 dead, including 2 police officers, in shootings at Las Vegas restaurant, Walmart.   HMG-CN will update when avalable. USA TODAY: Two Las Vegas police officers were shot and killed in a lunchtime ambush Sunday by an armed pair that later killed a third person before turning weapons on themselves in a Walmart. Sheriff Doug Gillespie said the officers were eating lunch at at pizza restaurant when they were shot by two assailants. One of the officers was able to return fire, he said. The suspects then killed a third person at a nearby Walmart, Gilespie said. “It appears the female suspect shot the male suspect, then took her own life,” Gillespie said. The two killed officers were 42 and 32 years of age, he said, and both had families.   http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/06/08/3-dead-in-shooting-at-vegas-restaurant-walmart/10204227/