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Local Latina Artist Mixes Up Art Scene

Mitzi Macias with one of her acrylic paintings of Japanese Popstar 'Gackt Camui'.

Artist Mitzi Macias with one of her acrylic paintings of Japanese Popstar ‘Gackt Camui’.

By Daniel E. Beckham

Mitzi Macias is a local artist who some say has acrylic paint flowing through her veins.  She holds a passion for her life-like paintings with the use of acrylics. These painting present a window into her passions and curiosities. Her highly refined works often include items of special significance, adding an additional layer of meaning to her paintings.

Although Macias attends JC Fullerton College, she typically works in her room. Macias told HMG-CN,”I like to work in a state of concentration and when I have other people around me who are also focusing on their work it really keeps me to my work. Even though I do better at home, home is where I get most of my work done.”

Macias does everything out of her pure artistic passion for acrylics and uses almost everything and anything to make her works come to life. “Most of the photos are imitations of other artists’ work but a lot of what I want to do is from my imagination,” said Macias.

Music and people are the inspiration of this local artist.

“I want to do more with my work than just draw, paint or sketch. People are inspiration and are what really inspire me in my work. I look up to a lot of musicians, animators and comic book illustrators. A lot of my inspiration I feel comes from having a lot of the things that I have been around since I was a child such as music, art, movies and television.”

Macias told HMG-CN that as a student she does get a lot of recognition for her work and it has allowed her to find a place for her work in society.

“I think the musicians that inspire me are beautiful people and I would like to give them more recognition through my artwork,” said Macias.

People who inspire this local artist are Hayao Miyazaki, Satoshi Kon, GACKT, HYDE, Hikaru Utada, Chopin and Hyung Tae Kim.

Mitzi Macias photo with artwork in background.

Local Cubana, Mitzi Macias, with artwork in background.

This local artist uses a projector to do an outline which she then fixes so it doesn’t smudge or blend with the paint. Macias uses acrylic paints to paint in the rest. “I carry a spray bottle for extremely smooth blending because the paint that I use can dry pretty quickly. If I am going to blend, acrylic needs to stay constantly wet,” commented Macias.

Macias told HMG-CN, “What I think is important for any artwork is the way the artist wants to see it. How I execute drawing and painting my subjects are but that is always up to how the artist wants it to look.”

When Macias paints her masterpieces she uses a smooth technique. “It’s one of the reasons why I don’t do impressionism art, for me it is too simple, and I like to take a more complicated approach to my work just so I can get a challenge out of it,” said Macias.

“I feel that a lot of my old works are ugly compared to how much I’ve improved over the years. I don’t think any of my work is ugly, just that I have become more skilled in acrylics. We have to work hard to get better at what we love. I would not consider that talent but rather skill.”