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Bell Gardens Resident Isidro Medrano Garcia Charged in Bizarre Kidnapping Case

Isidro Medrano Garcia booking photo.

Isidro Medrano Garcia booking photo.

SANTA ANA – A Bell Gardens man was formally charged on Thursday for kidnapping his girlfriend’s 15-year-old daughter and sexually assaulting her for a decade.

Isidro Medrano Garcia, 42, Bell Gardens, is charged with one felony count of forcible rape, three felony counts of lewd acts on a minor, and one felony count of kidnapping to commit a sexual offense.

If convicted on all counts, he faces a maximum sentence of 19 years to life in state prison.

In February 2004, Garcia was introduced to the victim while he was dating and living with the victim’s mother.

In June 2004, Garcia is accused of grooming 15-year-old Jane Doe by buying her gifts and taking her side when the victim and her mother argued.

Between June and August of 2004, the defendant is accused of touching Jane Doe’s buttocks and kissing her on the mouth. He is accused of sexually assaulting Jane Doe on three separate occasions and forcibly raping the victim at least once in the residence where they all lived together.

In August 2004, a mutual domestic violence incident between Jane Doe’s mother and Garcia was reported to the Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD), but a case could not be proven at that time. Shortly thereafter, Garcia is accused of kidnapping Jane Doe. He is accused of taking her to a house in Compton and holding her against her will. The next day, he is accused of giving Jane Doe paperwork with a false identity.

Between August 2004 and April 2014, Garcia is accused of controlling Jane Doe by telling her that her family did not want her and was not looking for her. He is accused of threatening the victim that if she called the police to report him, she would get in trouble for using a false identity. Over the years, he is accused of keeping a close eye on her, securing a job for Jane Doe where he worked, and not letting her out of his sight.

In 2010, Garcia is accused of getting Jane Doe pregnant. The victim had the child, who is currently in the custody of Jane Doe.

In April 2014, Jane Doe contacted her sister on Facebook. After meeting with her mother and sister, she identified herself to Bell Gardens Police Department, who in turn contacted SAPD on May 18, 2014. SAPD is investigating this case.