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Boren Lay Named Suspect in 2013 Artesia Murder Case Involving Five Asain Boys Gang

Suspect Boren Lee

Suspect Boren Lee

By Brian Hews

Investigators with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department issued an alert on Thursday afternoon wanting to know the whereabouts of Boren Lay, who has been identified as the gunman during a July 27, 2013 murder that took place in Artesia.

According to Sheriff’s officials, the murder took place at 1:19 a.m. in a parking lot at 11688 South Street in Artesia at a popular entertainment complex.

Sheriff’s said that “Five Asian Boys gang members confronted the victims and shot one of them. The victim was transported to Long Beach Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.”

Boren Lay was identified by witnesses as the gunman.

If you have seen or know his whereabouts, call the Lakewood Sheriff Station at (562) 623-3500.