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REPORT: La Mirada One of the Region’s Safest Cities

la miradaBy Brian Hews

During the past year, the City of La Mirada experienced one of the region’s lowest crime rates and remained one of the safest cities in Los Angeles County. The City’s low crime rate is attributable to a strong partnership between residents, businesses and the Public Safety Team. This partnership fosters a well-coordinated team approach to fighting crime.
According to a recent crime analysis of surrounding communities in southeast Los Angeles and northern Orange County, La Mirada experienced the lowest number of major crimes last year. This is consistent with recent years, as major crimes have decreased by 34 percent in La Mirada over the past ten years.
Overall, there were 905 Part 1 crimes reported in La Mirada in 2013. Part 1 crimes include murder, larceny, burglary, automobile theft, robbery, assault, and arson. This was a slight increase over 2012, which is attributable to additional property theft and burglary crimes reported last year. Many of these cases were crimes of opportunity, where valuables were left in plain view, often in a parked vehicle. Other crimes, such as robbery and assault, decreased last year.
“La Mirada remains one of the safest cities in the region, with fewer calls for service and less crime than neighboring communities,” says City Manager Jeff Boynton. “Proactive crime prevention efforts by the La Mirada Public Safety Team and cooperative partnerships with local law enforcement agencies, such as the District Attorney’s Office and Probation Department, continue to discourage criminal activity in the area and enhance the community’s quality of life.”
This year, the Public Safety Team will continue to monitor local crime trends and maintain the City’s low crime rate through proactive crime prevention efforts and community-based policing. Successful programs like the Positive Alternatives and Recreation for Kids (P.A.R.K.) Program will also continue to be offered.
The City encourages all residents and businesses to participate in the Neighborhood Watch Program, and look out for and report suspicious activity to the Public Safety Team.