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Cerritos Boy Scout Troop Spearhead Local Food Drive

History of the Boy Scouts of America

History of the Boy Scouts of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Ellen Joo

A local Boy Scouts group has been working feverishly to serve those in need by spearheading a food drive. According to Kelly Chu, one of the Boy Scouts’ leaders, our strong troops participated in their “Scouting for Foot” event, which began back in 1988 when the National Good Turn organized it for Boy Scouts of America. The Boys Scout Troop 72 from Cerritos raised awareness to generous neighborhoods about the “Scouting for Food” operation and has gone door-to-door to collect food items. The boys’ dedicated service of kindness has complied nearly 700 nonperishable food items to donate to the Salvation Army. They have engaged themselves in this food drive for two Saturdays on October 26, and on November 2, to aid the hungry.

Through the wonderful and devoted efforts of the Boy Scouts in their “Scouting for Food” drive, our hardworking troops put the boy scout’s slogan to “Do a Good Turn Daily” and being “helpful” into action. They have learned to better cooperate with fellow scouts, perseverance of walking throughout the city, and kindness from helping out those less fortunate. The Boy Scouts donation of their service to the community is extremely noteworthy and shows a great example for the future.

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