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Endorsements: Elect Cardenas, Guzman, Chacon and Montoya for the Montebello Unified School District Board of Education

Vote2013LogoHews Media Group-Community Newspaper strongly endorses Montebello Unified School Board Members Benjamin Cardenas, Gerri Guzman, Hector Chacon and Paul Montoya in next week’s election.

The Montebello Unified School District is one of the premier public education systems in California and we can thank the leadership of Chacon, Guzman, Cardenas, and Montoya as well as past school board members for making it happen.

This campaign has been aggressive, rough and tumble and sometimes downright in the mud.  But, that’s okay in our opinion.

We have concerns about challengers Lani Cupchoy and Edgar Cisneros.  Both appear to be bright, intelligent individuals, but both bring too much political baggage to the table.  We were the only print publication to document that Cupchoy has never voted in any election in the past.  That is a blatant disregard for a US citizen’s civic duty.

Perhaps Cupchoy needs to take a course in American Civics at Montebello High School to learn about the Democratic process, and how it works before actually running for elected office. We urge that voters reject Cupchoy next Tuesday.

Cisneros has waged an impressive campaign against Appointed Incumbent Paul Montoya.  He has banked on his ties to powerful Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina, his boss, in this campaign to get him “street credibility” with the voters.  What ever happened to people working in public service, for the public, instead of having to make it about themselves and their own political agenda?

Paul Montoya is just a “regular guy” who is not a politician and could really care less about the public spotlight, and we like that aspect of his character.  Montoya has proved to be a solid member of the Montebello Unified School Board and voters need to give him  a huge thumbs up next Tuesday.

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